Quick repair treasure (GAI)

Comprehensive Oil Sealing Solutions




In order to meet the needs of the after-sales market, NAK will supply the original technology engineering professional, combined with a wide range of product lines, to provide the fastest and most accurate service for after-sales customers!
NAK's goal is to be the best One Stop Shop supplier on the seal market!


Core value:
Complete seal products (7 major product lines, complete stock specifications),
Real-time delivery service (2 times a day),
Original quality and technical services (we provide you and your customers with a series of training),
Unique packaging (a single package, there is a QR code for anti-counterfeiting, the packaging material can be dust-proof, waterproof, UV-proof).


Golden 72 hours:
When the customer complains to the dealer, the dealer promises to be at the client within 24 hours to help the customer solve the product quality problem. If it is unable to solve the problem, it will submit a technical support application to NAK, and NAK promises to receive the technical support application. Afterwards, within 48 hours, we will send professionals to assist dealers to solve customer problems together.